Shit happens
2002-04-27 17:28:57 (UTC)

Life so far

"you cut yourself once
but the bleeding
last forever"

i guess thats how i feel rite now, although u think u know
wot it means, that its plain and simple in understand
because of wot is written 4 all 2 c.
Read it my way nd i find it means that woteva u hav or do
now it never lasts forever. That could b a good or bad
i also think that wen u want the end 2cum it neva will, but
enjoy life enuf nd u always end up spoiling something.

This aint a diary no matta wot the website sez! Diaries r 2
commercial and r bound 2 b read by the wrong person or
published sum day!

This is my philosophy its not good and its not well
explained but its mine nd if u want 2 use it, do so at ur
own risk. My life is only just begginin and so i know not
wot is in store 4 me, although 2 me i feel as if it should
b ending!

I wonder do ppl every get sick of lying? Cause im sure as
hell getting sick of being lied 2!