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2002-04-27 17:14:32 (UTC)

the BEST saturday ever!!!

I never really told u the best saturday i ever had! Last
saturday was SO much fun. My friend Drew ( i haven't seen
him since November) picked me and my friend up at like 4pm
to go to his church's worship thing for youths.. so yeah,
when he came into 7-11 to get us, he locked his keys in his
stupid old truck. We ended up getting his keys by punching
the vents open*lol*!! On our way there we were jammin to
some "oldies" station coz his stupid old truck only gets AM
radio. we went to his church for this worship thing which
doesn't start til 7pm.. but since he plays bass for the
worshp team he had to be there by 5pm. So yeah.. me and my
friend just sat inside the church doin nothing. Two of his
friends, Mike and Eric, asked us to go eat dinner with
them. So then we went to subway and i had a nice long talk
with Mike (he's so funny). Eric i din't really talk to but
he was really cute. On our way back to the church, mike had
his car stereo on full blast, and we had all the windows
open and we were just singin along to WEEZER!! OH YEAH!!
*rofl* THEN when the nite was over, Drew picked up this
chic named Sarah.. and he was all happy and crazy. He
decided to take me and my friend to go to boston pizza to
celegrate. He was backin out of the church parking lot..
and *BAM!!* he crashed into sarah's car!! LOL. it was soooo
funny!! he was like "SHIT!! that's my gurls car!!!" good
thing it was just the bumper.
OK So we're at Boston Pizza, and Mike decided to mack on
this chic named carol. He had his arm spread across her
chair.. and we were all laughin at him coz Carol never
noticed. until she went like "what so funny??" and she
turned around and saw mike..and she was like "god! i was
wonderin what that smell was!!" (mike forgot about his
deodorant that day). *rofl*. So yeah.. we ended up goin
home at 1am. and my mom got so pissed off. but i didn't
care, coz yeah.. it was a hell lota fun!.

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