a watercolour stain
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2002-04-27 16:42:20 (UTC)


ok, well, i haven't written in a while. i went home to
visit, and i was lucky to get on the computer to check my
email every other day. i had an okay time. everyone was
sick with some yucky stomach bug. not me though. i was
thrilled that i didn't catch it. ...until the day after i
got home that is. i woke up feeling like crap. i'm
getting better, but i'm still not 100%. i spent the night
at K's while i was home. i stayed up late talking on the
phone to J. (i miss that boi!) and the next morning K and
i went shopping. the whole point of us going was to get
new shorts. i ended up with 2 shirts and lip gloss and i
don't think she bought any shorts either.

I is still stuck on the idea of moving in with his parents.
i think he actually might be serious. he said he plans on
being out of here by the end of may. (and then we'll have
a big party. woo!) ugh, living with his parents...i guess
it's ok though. i would try my hardest to be out of there
as much as possible. K and C are still determined that i'm
coming to live with *them*. and they said i can always
sleep on their comfy couch if i need to. ha ha. K says
her and T are coming to visit after finals. i'm not
getting my hopes up cause something *always* happens and
then they can't come.

R is supposed to be coming over tonight (*swoon*). he
won't be here till late cause I works till close. i guess
we'll just be drinking and watching movies and such. and I
mentioned something about R spending the night tonight.
eep! i'm sure that it will turn out to be a very
interesting night. *winks*

~V stardust