a dusty book in a forgotten hole
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2002-04-27 15:36:13 (UTC)

scratches.. leaveing marks ..grrrr

well... i now at least kinda know what is wronge with me
and i am slightly less scared.. but i am not sure if what
was said is correct. i was told i amy be ahveing anxiety
attacks.... appertly thats when you have shooting pains in
your chest and acheing afterwards, and shortness of breath
or chest tightening.. yeah so i have been doing that for
about a week now... i guess my mind is supposed to race
when this is gogin on but it does not.. it is jsut
somethign i notice.. and i kinda try and lay down on my
back in hopes that what ever it is will pass.. i cannot
take deep breaths.. at all really.. i dont think it is an
anxiety attack but for now that is waht i will believe in
hoeps that it is true and that i am fine... i was
scratching a bunch over the palce that it ached last nigt
in hopes that the physcaily pain on the top will you know..
make the ain bellow less noticable.. i have a few scratch
marks left but not many... me hopes to get better.. me
hopes that nothing is wronge.....