.Scream Your Dream.

Emo Violence
2002-04-27 13:08:44 (UTC)

things are falling apart.

i feel horrible, i really let bryse down about somethings,
this is so fucked up, i never meant to mess everything up
or hurt anyone. i was too embarassed to even email her
back, i pushed everything in my life aside, and did a very
mature thing, i thought. i wrote her freind an email, if
this doesnt clear everythig up between him and her, at
least i tried to fix everything, i understand if he never
talks to me again, im shaking my head, right now, at my
dissapointment in my self. wow. i fucked up bad. and im
stopping now. really now. im done talking, i wouldnt be
suprised if this was what was causing probelmes, or
whatevers going on, with mike and i. its me, this time, its
my immaturities and bull shit.
so i guess i deserve it. it all. i know bryse will forgive
me, i love her, and she'll know how sorry i am. but that
doesnt matter. i'm sure that just made her night, getting
an email from him, after having a horrible prom night, im
almost scared to read her journal. i dont want to cry twice
this mroning its too mother fucking early.
im outta here. fuck it all. fuck it all. fuck it all.