Meshed Up
2002-04-27 11:06:00 (UTC)

good night

my arms are sore. my fingers feel weak. we went wall
climbing again today. i'm dead tired...but happy because i
was able to climb more difficult walls (for me) this time.

but i am still a bit irritated. i'm in a bad mood as
always. i seriously don't find talking to people so
appealing anymore. i just wanna be alone. i find making
small talk with other people so strenuous and energy

she had a dream. she dreamt that she was sleeping beside
him, her back turned to him, and his arms around her. she
dreamt that he was blowing softly into her ear and her
hands were resting on his arms. she dreamt that she woke up
and told him gently to stop it. and he did. and he sunk
back into blissful sleep beside her.

she also said that she wouldn't mind getting fucked. hmmm.

well, of course dreams and reality are two different
things. because the guy in the girl's dream doesn't seem at
all interested in the girl. and the girl is not that
interested in that guy as well. strange how dreams are.

i'm bloody sleepy. should i do work? should i go to sleep?
i seriously don't know what to do. maybe i'll do work
tomorrow. i'm too tired now. but my hair is still wet.

it's only 9pm. okay okay...maybe i'll go to sleep.