Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2002-04-27 10:43:39 (UTC)

That Lively Tingling In My Fingertips.

Well, other than a concerted 2 hours effort more of the
phonetics I have to do, my next 7 days are largely empty -
which is great news. Especially if the weather stays as it
is now. The powerful and ominous dark grey clouds covering
a sky illuminated by a piercing sunlight.

It goes all the better with a quality rock album.

And I feel full of life again. The day is yet my oyster - I
can...have a bath and continue my Jack The Ripper
sourcebook, I could faux-manage Huddersfield Town, I could
fry up some veggies in advance, I could go see my friends.

I think I'll do none, and just sit here enjoying the day.

WILT? Falling Down - Muse (but it was Fillip, and that was