2002-04-27 05:04:24 (UTC)

so today was such an awesome..

so today was such an awesome amazing day.

i got a lot done for my humanities final.
and i even worked on my comp final too.

i saw simon tonight.
it was so great.
we talked for SOOO long.
he said something really sweet to me tonight too.

"you know i know this is going to sound crazy. because i
havent seen you in like about a year and we dont really
talk much but...honestly. i dont know what i would do if
you werent in my life. you understand so much more than
other people about me. its so awesome."

=) can you say...AWWWWWWW

seeing him tonight really made me happy. a whole lot.
he is such a great guy.

happy anniversary to me and emily =) yay.
nine months now.


she just called me and sounded all pissed and tired.
shell get better though =) im sure of it.

she comes home tomorrow (today), im so excited =) yay.
fuck that whole not being able to go to the gate shit
fuck it.
grrrr to them.

i have a headache.
thats not so very happy.
my lip feels like a 42387582375823923843 percent better.
fuck yeah yay for that dude
it hurts kinda though right now cuz as i said i did a LOT
of talking tonight.

shawn knew simon.
that was weird and cool.
funny how everyone around here knows one another and went
to the same school

i talked to alli today.
it was really good.
she was at jatins.
shes going to school there too in the fall.
it was really good talking to her.

i work tomorrow and i really dont want to go.
were getting ready for this whole thing on sunday.
and blah i dont feel like actually having to DO shit.
lol im so fucking lazy its gross.

i have this mad wicked cool song stuck in my head from
shawns cd.
its so bad fucking ass.
just this one part, it makes me all bouncey and happy
smiley shake my ass-like


alright. night time now i think

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