Black And White..Blah
2001-05-31 01:33:53 (UTC)

Do you really want to know?

HeYlOs AgAiN!
Ok why are some people writting entries saying testing? I
mean you know when you type somehting and save it, it's
gonna work! B/c theres a lookup!STTTUPID PEOPLE! No Offense
to those people, but I mean COME ON!!! -=shakes head=- Man,
If I were those people I would delete that's a
waste of an entry!
One of my favorite qoutes it-
You're laughing b/c I'm DiFfErEnT, but I'm laughing b/c
you're all the SaMe!
Mwahahahahaha!! I saw Peral Harbor on Monday..dude that
was a sad movie! But it was also good. Do you really want
to know where I live? You do? I live in Texas..heh
One day I will scan my sketchs then ya'll can goto my site
to see them! Heehee -=^.^=- I love drawing...also
singing..some people say I sing good. That makes me happy.
Right now what I really want to do for the summer is goto
sliterbaun, yeah you guessed it!It's a waterpark, I'm a
living breathing water baby.I love the water, I could swim
in it all day!
Right now I really need to goto da bathroom..-=says nice
to know eh? in a scarcastic voice=- LOL
Hopefully next year someone will have the nerve to ask me
out! Heh..
MoOd-Really Happy

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