I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2002-04-27 03:42:12 (UTC)

Sucked of my energy

Got a last minute call while outlet shopping today (got
caught in the middle of a shoplifter and a bunch of guys
going after him and I saw them tackle the shoplifer
dude...I think he stole shoes from FootLocker) to please
please please pick up Brandyn and keep him for awhile. I
was gonna go do stuff, but I put it on hold for him. My
whole family was here, except for my bro, and it was very
cute. Though Brandyn and I did have a huge argument about
how he liked his eggs. It was very frustrating. It took me
a very long time to figure out what "taking the crust off
the egg" meant. Hardboiled, by the way. Anyways, it was
way cute, and sweet.

We're watching a movie now, but I've seen it, so I'm
bouncing back and forth between the comp and the TV. What
an exciting life I lead. Aye-up.

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