Keara's Journal
2001-05-31 01:19:06 (UTC)

You've gotta watch out for the younger ones..

Today was an average day. This journal will work much better
than AOL Hometown did. AOL Hometown is junk. Yes.

Well looks like my birthday party will be pretty grand.
5Bucks! and Smash City (McFly was mentioned..?) Anywho,
Parish Hall is where its at. I might let you go, presents
are accepted.

Why do people hate other people that they don't even know?
Like why Jim hates Tara and how Sara Hatch hates Tara.
What's wrong with Tara? Nothing. Also, there is a factoid of
Braden Watt having hatred towards me. Oh well, I do not live
to please.... well atleast not everyone.

Anyways. I am doing very bad in the acting of the play in
English. I have the lead but I can't even keep a straigh
face saying one line. Come see me make a fool out of myself.
June 15th, period 2, you'll get to get out of class... so
come. Thats is all for now, good-bye.