Meshed Up
2002-04-27 02:21:50 (UTC)


so i don't have any friends, do i? so i get worked up over
trivial matters?

well...that's me. deal with it.

my tummy is rumbling. i'm on a weight loss program. let's
see if i can drop down to 45kg. i'm presently 50kg. two
days ago i was 49kg. so yesterday i decided to start a
weight loss program.

everytime i see my life flash before my eyes, i feel
nothing but regret for all the things that i have done. all
the stupid things i've said, all the lousy things i
did...what a nice person i am. i realized that i take
insults quite well now. i don't get all worked up about
them anymore...unless they're about the way i look..then
that's when i get really really worked up.

besides, i have found new joy in insulting people.
sometimes i insult them to their face...sometimes i don't.

i have 15mins to go before i head down and meet up with
friends (and somebody said i don't have friends) for lunch
and rock climbing. so am i pissed off? nah. i really
shouldn't get pissed off over immature comments. i mean, i
wasn't pissed off when i was called a dumbass.

besides i have accepted the things about me that i can't
change. well..except for my appearance. that can hopefully
be remedied.

soo....i close this entry with a neutral tone. i have
nothing interesting to say. just that my mind is still
turning over the trivial matters that are supposed to
exist. 12.21nn right now. 9 more mins and we go for lunch.