mental illness, yes it is real..

isn't life grand ??
2002-04-27 02:01:00 (UTC)

My Kids ......

no matter what, My kids are my 1st priority in my life. I
will not put anything before them. If it means sacrificing
my relationship with lisa , then so be it . i will do
anything for them. I will not let anything or anyone
interfear with my relationship with them.
I am not going to place my children 2nd before anything . I
dont think that lisa can accept that my children are my #1
priority in my life. I love Lisa & I love her kids as well,
but my children come 1st ... my children were in my life
1st , and they will stay 1st in my life.
Now, i dont know what to say or do ...either lisa needs to
accept that my children will always be my 1st priority in
my life or our relationship will be over. she has never
been involved in a relationship where she has had to deal
with other children being involved as far as i know, so
this is something that she needs to understand.
I am sorry that it is comming to this, but these are my
feelings, and that is that......