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2001-05-31 00:56:19 (UTC)

31/05/01 - 10:45AM

Alright, I hate the world today, don't say I didn't give
you fair warning... BAH!

I am so pissed at my Dad... I asked him to help me out with
financial stuff, if he could go guarantor for me or
something to refinance all my debts. Umm, he has to "think"
about it, and there will be conditions placed on what the
momey is used for, and I am not allowed to borrow more,
fuck it. I will continue on my own, I am not going to be
beholden to anyone anymore. I will make it through all this
on my own, just like I have so far.

24 hours to go until I leave for work trip. COunt down is
on, I have no clean clothes, have not thought about
anything to take... it is a disorganised mess, but I will
sort it all out eventually. Well maybe not eventually, but
I will sort it out, I don't have time for "eventually" LOL.

I made a new penpal friend the other day thanks to
hotornot, in spite of them rejecting my profile all the
damn time. So what if I hide my email address in the all
the time LOL... sue me. Christopher is keeping me amused,
he is much older, much wiser and fun to talk to. He was
dubious about clicking "yes" to me as there is a 20 year
age difference, but for penpals who cares? Hopefully some
more people write to me, I have 2 Christophers so far
LOL... one a 42 year old philosopher of sorts and a 20 year
old dope addict into heavy metal music LOL... I should be
steering clear of people under 21 given my recent history I
think oh well... bad girl... LMAO...

Grr argh grr argh

Time to get back to work...


"You contemptible shrew" - Stewie, The Family Guy

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