steaming the buns
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2002-04-27 01:25:07 (UTC)


i miss my marione. boracay felt like crap without her.
what's this mean? been doing some thinkin while i was there.
is she really the one for me? am i strong enough to say
that that it's gonna be you and me forever?
i just dont know.
she asked me: am i part of your future?
i said: i dont know
im beggining to feel that she is a vital part of me. dont
run after girls too much since ive known her. i dont see
the point.
i know im to young for the big commitment. she says she
isnt looking to do it in the near future neither.(but i
sense she's looking for assurance that sometimne somewhere
along the line, it'd be us)
i didnt have the answer at the time. maybe still dont have
it know. gulo ko i know.
but everyday's a piss poor day knowing i cant just call her
or see her.;
beginning to weigh things and "plan". if there's one person
in the world id choose to be with forever.. itd be marione.
my god! is this maturity?!

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