Black And White..Blah
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2001-05-31 00:52:19 (UTC)

Last Day..Of...Torture...

I've been takin' fInAlS ALL when I was studying
I thought my head was gonna explode. But needless to say,
tomorrows that last day of school, and I have to take the
math, and science finals!!! UgH..
Ever since my parents kept pushing me to study, now all I
hear from them is 'Blah blah blah blah blah..' Oh yeah let
me make this clear..I don't like preps! B/c most preps I
meet are stuck ups, so that's why I stero-type them! Also
GoThIc People RuLe!!!
Lemme ask ya'll this...if a guy tries to make small talk
once in a while, and he tried to grab your butt, and
smacked it w/ a book..But one day, he repeats a word over
and over then I hit the top of his binder on the bind to
make it fall to the ground.
Do you think he still likes me? Heh,I think not but I just
want to know...
In conclusion...
Generally I took finals came home ..ate studied a lil
played n64 then got on the net..