steaming the buns
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2002-04-27 01:08:39 (UTC)


went to boracay last week. dragon boat competition. last
minute call to me. sure why not? never mind that i've got a
job. never mind that i've used up my vacation leave. it's
just a job. one thing: i am too young and too hungry to be
chained down to any kind of job just to be "stable".
nothing's permanent. one thing's for sure i wont end up
like so many people that lose their inner self by working
striaght out for most of their lives. not even a job they
saw themselves doing when we were all so young and full of
dreams. people say: that's life, beggars cant be choosers,
you have responsibilities now etc etc etc. fuck that. your
just to chicken to get out and do what you want. to find
what you were destined to do for the rest of your life.
but no. most people here have to make do with what they
have right now: a steady income. never mind if the work is
crap. never mind if you know you're destined for something
greater. we cope. we thank "god". we are told to feel
extremely lucky. would you still feel lucky hasving all
that: income,stability etc. at the same time trapped,
chained,weighed down by it?
i'd choose to go somewhere far away where all those assets
do not matter. no pressures of
being "respectable" "responsible" "bread winner"
go to a secluded island and just LIVE.