Crazy Girl

Diving Under
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2002-04-26 23:58:27 (UTC)

What is it?

WHat is it with you? Do you even understand anymore? You
act and pretend but you dont even know. Why do you do this
to people? Are you striving for attention, the middle? You
got him, so leave the other alone. Stop trying with him
since you say you love the other. Just leave the one alone.
Do you understand the word friend? Do you even know what it
means? Can you tell me would you tell me? What does it mean
to you? Because to me it is someone who would put there
life on the line for you and give up anyone for you, not
turn everyone against you or try to get the one you love.
And then go out with one of her closest friends and try to
be with his best friend. What does that mean to you, best
friend? Do you even have one? Do you know what makes you
one? Have you been one to this girl? The Girl who would
give anything for you, even her own life, the man she loves
and anything else. But why wont you give her the same
curtasy? "I love you like a sister" is well not put here
even though you say it so often but now I wonder if it was
ever true. The broke promises, the lies, the pain. How much
can she take from you? I never thought it would be so hard
to have it the way I need it to be. But it never was that
much... it was never so easy for her the way it was for you
to hurt someone and not care about it. But she never wants
to let go even though it hurts so bad and she cant
understand why. Why? Who needs it or wants it? Her I
guess.. she doesnt understand you and more important she
doesnt undertand herself.