mental illness, yes it is real..

isn't life grand ??
2002-04-26 20:40:35 (UTC)

After the funeral & another fucked up friday....

Well, getting through the funeral yesterday was the hardest
thing i have ever done. It was open casket, and I couldnt
bear to get close. I was sitting bout 15 ft away and all i
could see was babies head... he looked very peaceful, like
he was sleeping. Everyone their was very emotional, I have
never been to a babies funeral b4 & i dont ever want to do
it again. I did get to meet Lisa's cousins & aunt & uncle,
but this was not the way I like to meet people. Lisa's
aunt is a trip, she is just like her mom, a sweet &
sometimes funny lady. On brighter note got phone call from
Amherst, I have another interview on monday b4 work.
As for today, Lisa is pissed at me again , I got phone
call from kids school this am , they are having a candy
sale,and i told lisa i probably could sell a box of candy
here at work, but Jon is also selling candy and I am not
bringing his candy to work & i didnt think it would be fair
for me to sell nicoles candy & not jons. She said that jon
has his mother to help him sell candy , which is true, but
i doubt she is helping ,as she dosent do much to help him
with anything at all. Now lisa isnt talking to me at all,
and I have createdd another fine mess.....
I am not sure what i can do to get out of this one, so i
will probably get cold shoulder till who knows when.

to those who have left feedback, tyvm, and I will continue
to write as often as I feel the need...