Ode to a psycho!HA!
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2002-04-26 20:09:20 (UTC)

An update

Not much time to write. went to state week before last all
week. SOOOOO much fun, went to prom last fridy, SOOOOO much
fun, left at 330 am the morning after, went to a competition
with JCC i tampa, performed 830 am- 12, 2-5 pm, and 7-11 pm.
got home sunday and did homework, went to school all week,
did ALL my make up work, I was very proud of myself, Went to
rehersal on the southside on thursday, i have an 830 am dress
rehersal tommorow, then sfter we get out at 1230 I come back
to the beach and go to YBAG auditions until about 3 then
tommorow night is the prism concert, Sunday morning I go to
callbacks for YBAG, yes I know I'll be called back already,
that's just how YBAG works, after that I have a 3 pm call at
southside united methedist church for JCC concert at 4, Next
week I have rehersal in Ponte Vedra. I have a show next
Saturday night in Ponte Vedra, I was invited to a party
tonight,I think I'll go, I don't know the 18 is the Thespian
banquet, and I'm supposed to sing the national anthen with
JCC before the suns game. I have 5 more performances with
JCC before school gets out on the 23. I have a short story
due monday, I have a history test on tuesday. and Finals are
in a few weeks, I want to go to 5 points, bad.

I'm tired