humming bird

my F***ed up head
2001-05-31 00:00:19 (UTC)

i'm dumb, read if u want a laugh

ok so listen to this ( in case u havent read my other
entries i was liking this one guy matt N) ok so anywayz
listen to this.... MATT ASKED OUT LINDSEY, ater everything
that happened the one thursday night he goes and asks out
lindsey on friday, he said that me and him was like a one
day frineds with benefits thing and that i knew he liked
her for a while so i guess he assumes i shoudnt have taken
it seriously but the thing is.he knew i liked him so why
mess with my head like that!?!?!? so i got pissed and
punched nikki's hurt but i am ok now. but HERE is
the my fave part of my life right now. OK friday night me
and nikki went to Dustin's and i met matt...matt hyde that
is...a diff matt..the first one is matt N but the second is
matt H so i will call matt N nowa &matt H hyde cuz it will
proseing prolly get anywayz on friday i went
over to dustin's and i met hyde and i kinda started to like
him and i hate to admit it but when i first saw him i
looked at him as a way to get back at nowa for being such
an ass to me and then i started talking to him and i
thought i could prolly like him so i pushed the incredibly
stupid idea of using him out of my head and then saturday
we went to the movies and i started to really like him and
we saw the mummy returns and we sat next to eachother ( it
was just me and him it was me and him and dustin and
kristina and nikki and tony and chadand angela and some
other kid id otn know) and it was funny he had to pee 3
times durin the movie and it was a weird movie they had
like lil gremlin pygmies running around, i dunno but so
then on sunday we went to chad's house and it was everyone
that had gone to the movies plus megan and well just about
everyone there got either drunk or just a lil buzzed excpet
me cuz i dont drink bc of a bad experience and yeah me and
hyde were cuddling a lil bit and then later that night when
all the girls went home and the guys slept at chads we
snuck out and met eachother and we were at this park and me
and hyde were on the wings and then i wasfalling asleep and
we went on this bench and i was on his lap and then i was
like gonna fall over so i went and laid on a diff bench and
he came over and sat by me and yeah so i like him alot and
it turned out that nowa asked out lindsey ( just incase i
forgot to mention that) but i dont really care so from now
on in my entries when i talk about matt i will be talking
about matt H(hyde).....but so yeah i like him alot he is so
nice and sweet and cute and hot and built and easy to talk
to and yeah i could go on but well i dunno ok...and he is
so cute bc he likes pepsi better then coke but he has got
to be crazy for yeah i dunno ok so i am a
loser cuz i dunno, cuz i said so but i am gonna go so i
will write again later
p.s. i just got done talkin to matt ( hyde) and i was like
so how was ur day and he goes great becuz i got to see
u..... is he the cutest?!?!!?!?