a dusty book in a forgotten hole
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2002-04-26 19:46:14 (UTC)

foolsih topic ..foolish girl

when haveing to do something one does not want to the best
tactic is to do it quickly and painlessly.. i unfortunatly
forgot to follw my own advice. ha.. and well spent a nice
few hours argueing with my mother.. over somethign a
foolish as a prom dress .. that i will be wearing to a prom
i dont realy feel like attending, ha.. and would normal not
but me boyfriend wishes to so i pretned i want to
go . ..and will go with him. yes......hmm... but mother
thinks i dress like a freak so this should be amsuing.. she
did not like the dress i found today an told me i looked
like a little girl palying dress up so.. yeah.. i have
to ::shudders:: go again... oh what a foolish web i have
woven thy self...