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2001-05-30 23:28:42 (UTC)

WhAt To Do???

Okay what do you do when ur one friend and ur accuantence
are fighting over a guy that is way too young for both of
them??? well my best friend amy and my accuantence ashley
are fighting over this kid tommy in 6th grade...but the
thing is that they are both in 8th grade...thats a lil
pathetic and i know they could both to soo much better and
im kinda caught in the middle cuz they are both telling me
things that i cant tell the other and one and what not! and
this whole thing is kinda ashley's fault tho...she told amy
to go out with tommy that she really didnt care... but then
no 5 min later ashley got mad that amy was gonna go out
with tommy...but ashley had already told her too! thats
pretty dumb right? duh what a stupid thing to fight about!
but w/e they will get over it in about a week...they cant
fight over a 6th grade least i hope they
dont..that would be pretty damn gay if they gonna
have to put an end to this cuz they cant fight overa 6th
grader...i culd understand and 8th or 9th grader who was
actually some what cute. but a busted up 6th grader....omg
im stopping this right now!!! lol leave a note!