Queen Bee

2002-04-26 17:52:10 (UTC)


well...me and raven and everyone are on better terms now.
everyone is still kinda mad (ravens father) about some shit
that was said and how some people acted. me and raven both
agree that we havent been the best friend to each other, so
yeah. but we're all pretty good now. but then yesterday,
raven and lips keep getting into these fights and i dunno
its all this big thing between those two and well, hes
leaving to washington on sunday, so he'll be living there.
and raven is miserable about it. i mean i get that, thats
the only guy shes ever loved like that, god they're
engaged, and hes leaving but i guess its the best thing.
cuz those two are around each other way to much. all the
fighting and buckering, but yeah, so, gotta go. love you

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