Dark angel
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2002-04-26 17:33:53 (UTC)

my backround 3

Well when I got home I did get a beating one I’ll never
forget, instead of keeping me there she beat me a lot more
and the a week later she told me she wasn’t going to chance
her reputation and that she said I’ll see you in hell. Well
I was glad to leave. I never forgave her how could I was a
wreck and I wish I was dead. It has been has been 6 years
from that day and when ever I remember it I still cry and
wish I was dead. I hate the reminders of my life. I know
live and Westport but I still have a lot of problems. My
mother is god knows were and my adoptive mother is gone
hopefully she is not having a good life. Because of they
way the void (father) treated me I have never trusted
another guy. I’m rarely ever alone with a guy. Every one I
know just thinks I’m weak for not trusting but you see it
makes me strong it gives me a chance to heal myself and
slowly maybe I’ll start trusting guys. I hang a lot by
myself because of what emotions I have to deal with. I
would be lying if I said I never think about running or
suicide. I can say I date 3 guys 2 of them took advantage
of me in a bad way and 1 was the sweetest guy I’ve know but
he had to move away, I found out later he killed himself,
you see his family was just like mine. He was the closest
I’ve ever been to anyone and know I need someone else to
understand me and talk I can relate a lot from being raped
to anger to sucide so if you need help just ask me.

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