Dark angel
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2002-04-26 17:18:14 (UTC)

My back round continued

Most of my life I never knew why my father did that just to
help you understand I call him my father, to me he is the
black void of my life. My mother Sara once contacted me
when I was 6 for visits, because my father was behind bars
for raping me. Then she stops when I was about 7, I didn’t
understand why she wouldn’t visit me come to find out she
ran with her new husband who was just as bad as the void
(my father). When I was eleven I ran away, at the time I
was living in Fall River. Iran next door and was getting
ready to walk when someone called out “Lindsey”. This is my
real name Serena is my nickname. Come to find out it was my
aunt that called me, I went into the house and met my 2
aunts 1 uncle and 2 cousin. Want to know what made me
depressed, my mother Sara. That hurt so bad. She was now
divorce from her new husband. She told me she was sorry for
leaving me for another man just like my father, I told her
that was no excuse to leave I told her I was tired of being
abused at my adoptive home and I was tired of head games.
Then I walk out I wanted to be free of my life. My cousin
ran out and talk to me for 3 hours explains what had happen
to him I cried until I had no tears left. I went inside
with him and talk and not even 10 minutes later the police
came my aunt had called the I asked my cousin if he was
part of that plan he said no he help me out a second story
fire escape and I ran like there was no tomorrow. The
police eventually caught me my adoptive mother had them do
a drug test she thought I was taking drugs. I told her I
hated it there and if she hit me again I’d kill myself.
Well let me tell you she didn’t hit me until a month later,
that night I slashed my wrists, 5 minutes later she walked
in and brought me to the ER. When they asked what happen I
told them she hit me and I tried committing suicide hoping
that it would get me out of her hands. She told them that I
had mental problems and that I had trouble in school
because I always made up wild stories then she told him I
was lying and that I had feel off the kitchen table and
caught my wrists on a razors blades were my dad had left
out a few minutes before. She gave me a look that said if I
didn’t agree with that story I would get a beating when I
got home. When he took me aside I gave him a sacred of
mother look and told him it was true that I had lied. I’ll
finish this up on the next entry.