2001-05-30 23:12:27 (UTC)

ThiS Is mY FiRsT EnTrY

Hey guyz...alot has gone on that even im not sure well i was going out with this guy jimmy. and
everyone that i knew disapproved of him bcuz they didnt
like him, they said that he was a crackhead and i didnt
need to be getting involved in that. which by the way they
were right. It all started when we all went to the mall one
day, it was a whole big group of us. Well at first i was
with my friend sarah and her other friend jaime. then we
met up with dirty, jimmy, jay, timmy, and a whole bunch of
other people. well was standing with jimmy and he kinda
just wandered off and i followed him cuz him being my
boyfriend n all. but he went over by this other girl
danielle(which i despise) so i stepped back and started
talking to sarah, well danielle being the lil bi**h that
she is came over to me and said...jimmy doesnt like you and
then she pointed to another gurl and says well thats his
other girl....when those words came outta her mouth i ran
so fast over to jimmy....i asked him if we could talk for a
minute and we walked off to the side and started talking.
he said that he only loved me and that he didnt have
another girlfriend...which any normal guy would say, i mean
there not gonna come out and say yea i have another
girlfriend. so stupid me i beleive him and we walked into
the mall we were all walking and then a whole bunch of us
went one way and me n sarah n jaime went the other way, so
needless to say jimmy n i had go split up(he was high as
hell and with out me to keep him in line) well we met up
again and i had found out that the five minutes we had
gotten split up for were horrible he had asked out another
gurl and needless to say..that was the end of that....well then i got
kinda interestes in this guy joe...but he already likes someone and
there is no chance with now i have nothing.....nada...there
is this one kid danny hes pretty hott but its almost summer and il
never see him....cuz i have to go to summer skool and there wotn be
much to see anybody!!! well i got to run....buh bye leave a note