What's up now?
2002-04-26 16:34:39 (UTC)


FOr all of you who didnt come to the WAyside last
night...oh man...was it fun!!! hehe :) Maybe it was
because it was the last day of class, the last night we
could go out for the semester, but I think it was becuase
we were celebrating JANETS 21 BIRTHDAY!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY
BABY!!! hehe :) It was very fun, from getting hot guys to
hug her as they walked in, dancing and partying it up with
her like we havent done since the beginning of the
year...ahh it was good times!!! SO I have to
actually get to work...Finals are next week and then I CAN
GO HOME!! YIPPPEEEE :) I cant wait :) hehe :)
Excitement fills me when I think about it :) I actually
dont really want to leave here, but the sooner we go home,
the sooner we come back to move into our appt! FUN TIMES
TO COME :) Alright, off to get busy...