Dark angel
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2002-04-26 16:28:30 (UTC)

my back round

My back round what it was like.
My back round is not as happy as you might think, I hate
the way I lived and the way I felt, and I’m no proud. This
all started when I was little about 3 or 4. My father
sexually abused my two younger sisters and me; my mother
was a drug addict and was of no help she didn’t do
anything. As far as my aunts were concerned I was a
mistake, a big one.I was sent to foster home after foster
home, until I was sent to an adoptive home.I was adopted by a family,
It lasted until I turned 11. Then the told me they didn’t want me
anymore.I went to about 6 other ones then returned to the adoptive
home they wanted me back, well so much for that I was finally got rid
of fully not even 5 months later. That was the last time I saw
them.Then I went to another foster home I been there for 3 years I’m
now 16 I will not allow myself to be adopted again too much went into
that one time.Now you can see where I’m coming from. That is why I
don’t trust.

If you want to contact me at [email protected] to talk I won’t