They Say Vision
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2002-04-26 16:23:13 (UTC)


so. what i did last night..
i went to subway to work... cause thats my job now.. to
make subs for people.. it isn't a bad job though.. it's
actually fun! and my shirt says sandwich i
can't even my a good sandwich for myself! Anyways.. i got
off work at 9 and stormy and eryn came to my work to meet
me and stormy dropped eryn off and me and eryn went to
susans.. so.. we got there and they were so stoned. and so
i ended up smokin some.. but not much.. but enough to make
my ass hungry and i got paid 23 dollars for 2 days.. so me
and eryn left and went to mcdonalds and we both god a
number 6 i think.. shit i don't remember.. and i was so
fuckin hungry.. we sat in the car eating.. so we got done..
went to the gypsy! we sat around there for awhile.. and we
planned on using the damn bathroom but we had to buy
somthin to use it.. so we went to quicktrip... :) yea..
anyways... then we went to sonic and we got some malts..
yea.. and some cheddar bites.. those things are good..
so i took eryn home.. and so we are going to go see the new
angelina movie today.. i think it's our first date. we
never really had one.. except last night.. i always wanted
to go to mcdonalds and eat in the car! but yea.. so i am
gonna call into work today so i can see eryn more and we
can go to a early movie.. oh and her parents are goin out
of town today and i am gonna stay with her tonight.. Well
hopefully they go out of town.. but yea.. that Angelina
movie is gonna rock.. i hope it does.. so about this new
school shooting.. this makes me sick and sad.. i mean i
have no idea how one human being can kill another.. i can't
even stand to hurt a persons feelings let alone kill
someone.. but 18 students killed.. that is crazy... this
world is going to go completely nuts one day.. i am still
sadden by the WTC attack! but they only focus on teh WTC
why don't they talk about the other crashes.. other people
died too ya know.. that pisses me off.. i mean i don't
agree with this war shit either becuase they are taking
innocent lives and yea they killed alot of innocent people
here but why keep killing innocent people.. there are kids
that are dieing.. it's so sad.. and they way they treat
their women there.. it's horrible.. see i could go on
forever about that.. i think when i get older and have more
money i plan on helpin those kids and the women.. thats my
other life goal.. to help other people.. maybe thats what
god put me here for.. but hopefully i am suppose to be a
actress first then help others.. yea.. cause thats were the
money would come from.. yea.. so i am gonna go...

"days go by and still i think of you, days when i could
live my life without you" (dirty vegas)