my life and thoughts
2001-05-30 23:08:36 (UTC)

2 days left .. YES!!,,,

HEY HEY ,.,well we only got 2 days left of school .. yea ..
im so happy .. i get to get away from all the ppl at
school .. its so great .. neway i finally told jason what i
thought bout us never really doing nething .. i guess i ll
see this weekend if he will do something about it .. cause
it really gets old .. o well .. me and amy went to the Y
last night ... and my legs hurt from working out and
stuff .. but thats alright ill live .. me and amy saw some
of our guy friends there (jake and chris ) they are so
crazy i swear .. ahha ..especially chris ..he is just
messed up and a real smartass like me ,.. ahah .. i think
amy likes.. but i dont know .. well i aint got to much to
say .. like i said before my life is boring .. ahah ..
later ..