The lost little girl
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2002-04-26 14:54:41 (UTC)

"you are the other half of me" -me

well like i said i'm going to let you in on what when on at
kareoke last night. it ended up being Crystal, dana, aaron,
chris, and myself. not to many people but oh well. chris
left early and instead of going up to aggie's ( cuz aggie is
sick ) we all went to emily's house and watched movies.
sadly enough greg didn't show up at kareoke. the roads were
bad and he had to work anyways so i assume he just couldn't
get out in time.
very tired when i woke up this morning. crystal stayed over
and we didn't get back from emily's until 2:30. i didn't
fall asleep until 4 or so..woke up at 9...then at
10...strange but that's me!
nothing really else went on so i'm just gonna leave it
there. i'm gonna jet to watch some movie on tv with crystal
and stuff. i will talk to you all later. byebyebye- love
you- janie

daily quote:
"now i'm whole" - me

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