what a "happy" day
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2002-04-26 14:46:20 (UTC)

A place in the sun

do you ever feel as if you are out of place? I sometimes,
now being one of those times feel like I am not where I
need to be to make the right choices. I don't know when I
should make a choice about things. I find myself most of
the time wondering what will become of me I don't know
whether I should make my decisions with concern for the
future or if I should make the decisions that make me happy
in the present. I have a permanency problem I dont think I
can make decisions based on the future due to life
experiences nothing has ever been permanent and none of the
decisions I have made no matter good or bad have had any
bearing on the outcome everyone that I have known is gone
either permanently or through some circumstances not in the
same bubble my life takes place in. The chaos factor of my
existence could have only be in place for some reason.
Well let me know what you think..