a dusty book in a forgotten hole
2002-04-26 14:45:09 (UTC)

my life.. one person.. ha.. he cared

another day has come only this one.. this one the sun is
shineing .. ha..what a morbid conicidence. humans and there
problems . we have so many but wel think that nothing else
matters.. we ask our selfs "why should the sun shine when
inside i am dark and alone?" 'oh what fools these mortals
be' what an accurate line... it suites the world so well.
another glorius day waisted while we are stuck in the
past .. another time when i feel like not exsisting.. not
dieing but not liveing.. maybe never haveing been born..
meh.. that may work but there are also days i enjoy life..
what a lovely cylce we all roll through.. well. hmm...
maybe itwi cahnge today.. maybe i could attempt to look on
the brighter side.. or jsut go back to rocking and stareing
at the floor ..watch teh days pass bye as though it does
not matter dieing slowly one day at a time..it is a nice
way i suppose.. i can reflect on my mistakes .. refelcet on
ym future. hee.. yes i have one of those.. but it matters
not... i still ahve peopel who care about me.. at elast a
few.. and one .. an old friend. . who i speak with now.. he
is a good one he saved ... ha.. i could be dead now but am
not .he cared about me .. when no else knew that i needed
it.. or bothered to find out.. which is why i made that
promis.. which is why i shall never kill thy self.. becase
he cared.. heh.. and stil does...