Sleeping with the lights on
2002-04-26 14:09:48 (UTC)

I am always assuming the worst.

I think that my life is okay right now. I don't really have
anything to complain about. Matt kept slapping me across my
face last period and he almost made me cry. He told me that
to him, our 2nd period is "Smack a Bitch 101" and that kind
of made me sad, because I don't really ever do anything to
him to make him think that I am a bitch. He is just an
asshole sometimes. I dunno.
Jeff keeps telling me that this Jamie girl is like all up on
him and he's just like yeeeahh. And I am so proud of him ;)
He's my honna bunna! :) hehe. I get to see him tonight, and
I am like oh yeah, because his band is playing and it's
already like 3rd period so this day is going fast enough for
me. :) The sooner we are out of school, the better, because
it's Friday and I want to get the fuck outta here!!! :) I
had the most fucked up dream last night. I dreamed that I
like actually stole this chick's car and she was like
looking for me. Then Jeff came into it. Well, not quite yet
..I was in the girls bathroom and there was a condom
dispensor and for some reason I got 3. They had rainbow
packages on them, and the one said Skittles. I guess I
showed them to Jeff in my dream and...he really didn't mind
that they were weird. I have never really had a dream where
I had sex with somebody, but I did last night. It was like
really strange. I woke up..and for some reason I was happy
and like confused at the same time. There is really no
reason for me to be ashamed of it, but I kind of am. I don't
know..that's not something that I usually think about..but
lately..I don't know what is wrong with me. lol..I just have
like a lot of sexual tension..especially around Jeffo,
because he is like soul mate :) :D I have never really
told anybody that..that I think that. I don't know. I cannot
wait to get out of school..go home..and then go see my
Sweetie!!! mmm and he is like so adorable when he plays his
drums!! :) yay! well, I'm going to go! PEACE!