2001-05-30 22:38:50 (UTC)

final news

Well he finally called and let me know hat he will be by in
a few days and pack the rest of his stuff and he is out.I
cried,but i also have to keep strong for me and the
kids...I have to let him go,they say if you love something
set it free if it comes back it is yours if it doesn't it
never was....He says he is going to pay the bills so we
shall see.I will be screwed if he choses not to do
this....I knew that I should have never told the kids that
he will call them later today because later has come and
gone and no call,,,yes he tried while i was at work,but
they are not allowed to anwser the phone,,,He won't call
while i am here,either he hates my voice or he just can't
take listening to someone telling him that they love
him..His responce to that is always silence,,,,talk about
pain,,wow it hurts bad.Mid life crisis really sucks...
Well,weather wise it was beautiful out here...I feel
good now I talked with my good friend on the phone and she
is lots of support...I will keep my haed up,and live my
life and not put it on hold for anyone.If he comes to his
sences in time ,we will have to see how things are and how
much of my feelings have can only take so much
hurt for so long til the feelings become destroyed...
Well time to relax and watch the tube for a bit...Til