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2002-04-26 06:12:56 (UTC)

I know

Ok. It has been told me by people that not liking this
journal. Sorry, that wasn't even a sentence. Charlie--
that's like what your dad said: Throw me downstairs my hat.
OR Half you three guys come here. Hahaha. Anyway, dammit I
forgot. Oh well. There was a point to this. I was going
to say something. I will just continue to ramble on until
I remember. I hate rambling. Its the most annoying thing
to hear during a speech. After a while, especially during
the State of the Union (or State), you don't even know what
the topic sentence was. Or is. Either way, topic
sentences are underrated. They are always sideplayed
(word?) by the Main Idea and the Topic and the infamous
thesis. What the hell is with infamous anyway? It should
mean not famous but yet its the opposite. Meaning famous.
So just say famous. Like inflammable is the same as
flammable. I learned that the hard way. Oh well, Mrs.
Kahn's hair grew back. As ugly as she was. Stupid
chemistry was cool now that its over and done without
thinking I got through eleventh grade was good as golden
ruled that school when senioritis set in Anthropology and
Archaeology (remember ae). So where was I? Oh yeah,
trying to remember why I started this. Still can't
remember. Going to try to get off track again. I did the
first time. I try to do that well. And that's good. I
lost my disk in thAHHHHHHH I JUST REMEMBERED! I was going
to say that I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do
with the rest of my life today with the help of Jon. Jon
is cool. He puts everything into perspective. He asked me
what I wanted to do with my life. I came up with a few
careers I would like to lead. First, be GM of the New York
Yankees. 2. Be governor of Tennessee. I figure it'd be
easy to get elected there because I would be the only one
that knows how to read. Also I think my opponent would be
disqualified for publiclly having sex with a pig. Thats
not the illegal part. The illegal thing is that the pig
was male. This is actually a true Tennessee law: "It is
lawful to engage in sexual conduct with an animal as long
as the animal is of the opposite sex." Then they would let
my opponent back in the race for governor because they
found out the person was actually a woman. She was just
butt ugly. She was butt ugly because her son (aka "lover")
drove her over with a tractor. Poor bastard. Both his
name and her name was Bobby Jo. They fought daily over who
had the bigger rack. Gun rack. 3. Work for the FBI. I
can run. They need people who can run. 4. Work for
NASA. They seem to do cool stuff. Ask Jallen. HE KNOWS!
5. Draw Cartoons. I suck at art though. But I can color
with the best of them. 6. Be paid for thinking. 7. Work
in the White House. They are currently taking applications
for Janitors. However they prefer to be called Sanitation
Security Specialists. After all, there would be no bigger
national crisis than having no toilet paper for Tony Blair
upon his visit. So those are my career options. I ruled
out DJing for fear of my voice cracking over the air. I
also ruled out working for the IRS because I don't want to
be tarred and feathered. The feathers would be cool. Not
the tar though. My last choice would be winning the
lottery and going to school for the rest of my life. That
would be cool. Above all, I want to drop out of school and
win the Nobel Prize. People then ask what I want to win
the Prize in. At first I said literature. However, now I
want to invent my own Nobel Prize. It would be the Nobel
Prize of Resemblence. Who can resemble me most? I would
be guarenteed to win at least once. That is what I thought
about today. That and why we feel precipitation but not
evaporation. Why is that? I don't know. It probably is
because Neptune is in retrograde.

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