life's a bitch..it just had puppies
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2001-05-30 22:26:20 (UTC)

getting over it

today was any regular day at school, the actual school part
went great, i got a 98% on my history presentation. so that
made me in a good mood, cuz im not failing now. but the
friends and gossip part was weird. you remember andrea, yea
well she did the same so same so today trying to act like
becky and her friends, so im just gonna except it, and wait
till she gets through this little phase. but i used to like
casey even if i said i didnt, because i couldnt let go..he
just seemed way to perfect, but i havent even talked to him
in a week so i guess our friendship was a flake and never
really happend. when i was walking to my 5th period today,
he was riight next to me and i just looked at him and
turned around, i dont know why but i cant talk to him
anymore, he just seems like he uses me..talks to me one
week, skips a week, and then the little bufar comes up to
me the next week like im his best friend, i dont know but i
think thats a bunch of b.s.

cross country is back!..i cant wait, last year was so
fun, and i missed everyone like tons this past year..so now
im happy as a bee..ill talk to ya later..gotta go to a
soccer game, byeee!