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2002-04-26 05:43:12 (UTC)


I like to jump. It is quite easy. Everyone should be able
to jump from tall buildings. Its the landing that is
tough. But with enough practice it should be doable. I
mean if you jump from one foot today and a two foot height
tomorrow and then 3 feet the next day, at what point will
it start to hurt? And then keep doing that height over and
over again until you either learn how to land without harm
or learn to live with alot of pain or die. Therefore, if
it wasn't illegal, everyone should be jumping. Parachutes
and bungee cords are like training wheels. Therefore,
people that sky dive or bungee jump are still on training
wheels. Hey, by the way, I was thinking today that if
everyone in the world listened to LeAnn Rhymes at the same
time, would we all die? I think this is quite a possibilty.