Little Bird

Private Babbling
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2001-05-30 22:09:52 (UTC)

I knew it!

I knew no one was reading this diary! I've asked..or at
least hinted, a few times for someone to write me but
nothing has shown up in my mail. This leads me to believe
that those of you who write to 'someone who wrote this to
me' are a bunch of liars! Not to mention you all sound like
your about 15 and think you know what the world is all
about. Just wait until you are about twice the age you are
now then you can look back at this time in your life and
laugh. How smart you think you are now, HA!

Okay, now that I have that off my chest and perhaps
inspired someone to write to me...

This past weekend I took the little people to Sea World in
OH. It was great. The only time it rained was at night and
for about a 1/2 hour on Sunday, as we were getting ready to
I feel somewhat selfish taking the kids away when I should
be conserving every penny. I had wanted to do this for a
long time and I feel I deserve a break and so do they. I
have to get my priorities in line and make a decision soon
about staying with NLU or leaving for better pay.

Which reminds me...I've been talking to Jens on my personal
e-mail and I'm really enjoying it. He sent me his picture
yesterday, not bad. He is 1/2 German and you can tell in
the picture and when he is typing..Although, men are
horrible typers anyway. lol

My hand is feeling better most of the time.

I am still very much in love with my horse. I was at HT
last night and talked to Sa/walked around a little bit. I
think the rumor about my horse siring a foal may be true.
We will have to wait a little while longer to find out. The
mare I was looking at may just be fat but there were some
odd things that happened last year that lead me to believe
she may be in foal.

I've been having dreams about O lately. I'm tempted to call
him. He is such a whore, I know he would come running. I
don't want J to know if we did end up sleeping together. I
still love J very much even tho he hasn't bothered to call
me, that sonuvabitch.

I still have a stalker and I still haven't had 'the balls'
to talk to Animal. I feel bad about that. He's a good guy
but just not right for me. Stalker is keeping his distance
pretty good and I am enjoying it.

Brooks N Dunn are coming to town with Toby Keith just in
time for my BIRTHDAY...well, a little late but still...I

I talked to Li last night too and she misses me :) UNLIKE
J, that bitch hasn't called or anything in a looooong time.
Hope she's happy.

I think that's all for now.

May your day be blessed