Anne Fox
2002-04-26 03:32:32 (UTC)

All about me

AFeldman14: are you angry at me for stealing your lunch spot?
Jungle286: VERY
AFeldman14: well im angry that you still have a cigarette habbit anne cox
Jungle286: ah, please dont get on my case about that- its very very depressing and i hate it- if i havent quit by july 4 i might kill myself
AFeldman14: quit quit quit
Jungle286: its not easy AT ALL
AFeldman14: you have sreiously tried?
Jungle286: i was on the patch, yes i seriously tried
AFeldman14: wow = get the gum
AFeldman14: the gum is the way to go
Jungle286: i think that patch gum combo works best, but i am poor- so, my idea is to drop twenty pounds then go cold turkey
AFeldman14: probably not a bad idea other than the twenty pounds you look good
Jungle286: umm, but ill just gain it all back when i quit smoking
AFeldman14: oooh
AFeldman14: well just do some cardio
AFeldman14: or sex?
Jungle286: yet another reason to quit smoking- i am physically incapable of running now without having a heart attack
Jungle286: sex is cardio
AFeldman14: hah
Jungle286: and a muscle toner
AFeldman14: you could have sex... im sure of it
AFeldman14: wanna join my gym?
Jungle286: haha- has anyone said anything to you about me having anal sex? cause that might be what you are getting at- well, its NOT true
AFeldman14: whats the gist of the rumor?
Jungle286: some people think that i have had anal sex, but that just did not happen nor is it going to
AFeldman14: haha halariuos
Jungle286: i think its REAL funny
AFeldman14: i would never do anal- so dont worry thats not why im talking to you
AFeldman14: i love vaginal though
Jungle286: oh aaron, you dont have a vagina
AFeldman14: thats true but i love having sex with a vagina
Jungle286: i like having sex with my own vagina
AFeldman14: yea i know you do-
AFeldman14: you should share
Jungle286: i dont know, i do alright on my own

"That sucks like you in a frat house."- MTC

SO, only a week until APs start, then I am done.
What the fuck will I do this summer?
Claire said that there are a lot of job openings at International Mall, so maybe I'll hop on the retail train... the train to hell...

I cant believe that I will have to spend so much fucking time with my entire class over the next month... graduation, beach week, baccalaureate...

selections from my english poem

at first there was nothing,
then there was some.
how and why we came to be,
to date remains unknown.

how particle and particle
combined to form this sphere,
or how such particles formed a man,
fills us with awe and fear.

uncertainties and higher thought
spurred imaginations-
lead to tools, language, rules,
governments and nations.

could all this be random
or are we on a path?
could we ever understand
through our science and our math?

it could not be this simple,
(our short, chaotic life)
which we define through loss and gain,
happiness and strife.

will we remain blind
to the vast scope of this-
this our life, this our meaning-
ambiguous existence.

we push ourselves forward,
to overcome limitation.
we feel we have triumphed
with techonology, innovation.

but maybe we don't understand,
what it is that we create.
maybe what we do was planned,
written in our fate.

as we labor on,
both day in and day out,
few stand to question
what life is all about.

some claim deities,
who reign from earth or heaven-
thank them, praise them every day
for what they have been given.

others doubt religion,
say "how would we know?"
and use their own perspectives
to guide them as they go.

oh my god, i cant believe as of tomorrow i will have completed four complete days of school without ANY SKIPPING!!!

I am done writing for now.

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