a dusty book in a forgotten hole
2002-04-26 03:30:49 (UTC)

hmm .. deep dull physcail pain.. yup thats what i need

most poeple try adn avoid the apst including me. burying
things. and hiding them in our souls. it seems this is the
only way we are able to comfort our selves.. yet in the end
it does nothing but bring pain.. pain waht an amsuing
concept.. hehe i feel like haveing someone beat the crap
out of me right now.. jsut ebcause i want my entire body to
ache.. for my mind has that dull apin rihgt now.. so i
figure my phsycail body might as well also. But alas .. no
takers yet..tis a pity the pain would be nice right about
now.. and becuase of a foolish promis i cannot harm
myself.. so i must get another to help solve my litle
delema... hmm i wonder how long it will take me to annoy
some one enough to hit me... in time .. in time