Everyday Shit
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2002-04-26 03:22:38 (UTC)

Social Butterfly

Time is progessing I'm lightening up. There are good things
and bad things at this point. I am starting to get some
direction in my life.

Friend-wise, I gain a few more. Joelle, Nikki, Karrie. and
I proceed to lose one very important one....Eric. Pur post
summer romance was ruining everything.

Joe is still around but the connection I thought we had is
becoming a wave of static.

An old friend of mine invited me to a party up her house. I
see her about 3 times a year and I love her to death none
the less.

I went with MaryAnn one of my closest friends. My goal for
this night is to watch her. Just in case. Last time we
attended one of her parties she went off with 3 differnt
guys...bombed and high of course. I did try and interviene
but she screamed FUCK YOU I'll do whatever the hell I want!
So I left her alone.

So we got there and I dont drink so it wasn't that fun. But
Alright. I talked to some sober people.and made fun of the
drunk. Mary proceeded to get high and hook up with one guy.
Oh well I'm not going to be bitched at again. After a night
of dancing laughing and watching my male friends peel
Richie away from licking my face we all got up at 8. Got
dressed and played some serious basketball where I jammed
my finger. Thankfully my buddy Jimmy fixed it.

It's always good and almost fufilling to see people you
haven't seen in a LONG time and catch up.

Spent that Saturday up Joelles with MaryAnn and Joe. I've
been trying ot get MaryAnn out because her boyfriend and
her broke up. Sad for her because she gave him her

Joe was just doing and saying things to kiss my ass. I
could tell. Joelle was wild made Joe wear a bra...it was

I decided to take Joe to my prom as a friend. He's a good
guy. And I talked to him explaining I don't want a
boyfriend at this point in time. I just got done serving my
two year sentace with Anthony. I love him but he drives me
into a world of insanity.

So he says he undertands but is presistant to the point
where I'M beaking.