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2002-04-26 03:19:22 (UTC)


Im witing for the first time in a while, I realy havent
been sure if I have been to busy or just have been scared
to write. I have had a lot go on though. My parents divorce
anouncement, where my dad wont leave was a shocker, so my
moms basicaly trying to force him out with layers and junk
like that, after the thing with him in Georgia I couldnt
take it anymore, I stll just want to break down and cry
when I think about that situation, I hate it, it wasnt fair
at all. I miss my friends in geogia so very much. Im happy
I found Holly, well it wasnt realy that I found her, it was
just like, do you ever hang around somone every day and
your always joking around with them and your always just
with them, and then one day it just kinda hits you that
mabye you like them, so you think about it and the more and
more you think about it, it just seems more and more of a
possibility. Thats how it was with Holly, thats the kinda
of relationship I like best, I dont like being set up or
anything like that. Me and Holly are cute together and I
hope it will last a lwhile, but ya know, ive thought that
before so im very cautious, its sad that ive had my heart
broken so many times that I have to be this careful but I
do, but I keep going becasue I know the person who im
supposed to spend the rest of my life with is out there,
and if I dont even try to find them, what is it to be said
about my life and the way I lived it.

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