sheesh ya fuck
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2002-04-26 02:45:30 (UTC)

my eyes ache for recovery when..

my eyes ache for recovery when all of this i will not see
yet i absorb i breathe this anyhow..since november her
radiance will never glow they took that with the last word
vultures scavenging absorb the color of rot vultures
bleeding black i hear all evil i speak no more rocking
chair rocked me away creaking of a old body creaking of a
first married couple on the wedding night im over being
over with a spoonfull of sugar in my shaking hand
underneath the purple sky..the medicine will go so far in
your soul..i just hoped it was poison........the last of
the stumbles will be on a november sky we will try not to
allign try to hold back involuntary slaughter hands..i have
no soul to poison pull the plug pull the gun tease yourself
with a bleeding son...i am cleopatras snake..did my
job..stripped her bueaty so that the holiest could
rape ..the serpent sleeps stole the heapings..took the
shuttle back to faking sanity

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