Everyday Shit
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2002-04-26 02:35:25 (UTC)

In with the New

My first date with Joe.

That same weekend I recieved a call from this Joe
character. I gave him directions to my house and he picked
me up at 7. It was 5 when he called. I spent the next two
hours arguing with my mother on what to wear. I am more of
a sporty individual wearing Jeans and fitted t-shirts with
hooded sweat shirts or just long sleeved shirts. My mother
has a whole nother taste for me. It's called Pretty Pretty
Princess. Consisting of Skirts, and sweaters. With some
serious compromising I wore a long sleeved pink sweater
with jeans and jewelry. Girlie of course.

So he came to the door and didn't just say OK let's go.
Walked in, shook my parents hands, introduced himself, sat
and tlaked with them. This guy was so well mannered it was
scary. We went to eat at this resturant that was a bar and
grill sort of thing. He opened every door for me, pulled
out the chair, please, thank you, excuse me, the whole nine
yards. We spent about 2 hours talking before ordering and
another hour and a half talking.

He left my house with no goodnight kiss and didn't try
anything. It was interesting.

Meanwhile back at the ranch.......

Eric is flipping out. Mainly because I went out on a date.
We began to drift father and father apart. Fighting 24/7.

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