True Confessions
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2002-04-26 02:24:12 (UTC)

Caught doing nothing

Well we went to lunch togther today and my nosey BITCH of a
sister in law just happen to see us but this time the joke
was on her. She rushed right home tried to call my husband
but he was at work. but anyway you need to know thw whole
story to understand the first part.

Today was payday and at lunch time I went to the bank (by
myself in my own car) as it turns out so did HE( in his car)
unknown to me we have the same bank so we arrived at the
bank about the same time. After we cashed our checks we
decided to go to Wendy's and get a bite to eat before we
had to go back, arriving in seperate cars mind you. Well
while we were there just eating and talking doing nothing
wrong! my sister in law sees us while she is driving by. As
she pulls into the parking lot she gives me a mean look so
I waved at her just for spite.She drives away.Then rushes
to the pay phone to call my house. Then my husband niece
(from another sister) comes to Wendy's with her boyfriend.
I don't talk to her as we are not fond of each other. I am
sure she will have some lie to tell about me too. But
anyway back to the story. My bitch in law later in the day
gets ahold of my husband after he is home from work and
tells her lies about how she followed us from walmart and
we left in the same car and went straight to Wendy's and
we were all happy and laughing.
Well Hello for one if I was trying to hide the fact taht I
had lunch with HIM would I go to a public place where
anyone could come by and see us. and would I wave at my
bitch in law and why would I sit right in front of a
window that faces the raod and anyone who drives by can see
what I was doing.Come on I am not that dumb. But my
husband got all ticked off because of the bitch and her
lies. But everything is cool now because I told him the
truth about today and he knows she likes to start trouble!