Everyday Shit
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2002-04-26 02:19:14 (UTC)

Out with the Old....

In the words of Aaron Lewis of Staind...It's been a while.
So I have alot to tell you.

Well the Sal individual turned out to be kind of....goofy.
I agreed to meet him after work at Borders(the hub of my
social life). So I brought a friend and he brought his.
Perhaphs Sal was nervous but he was stumbling and trying to
be witty as best as he could. I just smiled and laughed
nicely at his jokes. So the date was on a scale of 1-10
about a 4. But when I talk to him ovre the internet he
seems like a 10. I'm meeting up with him again Saturday at
a friend's house. Maybe getting him around people he knows
will make him loosen up.

That whole night was insane. Nikki and I went to the mall
and waited til 9 (it's adjacent to Borders). Of course I
saw my X, Anthony there. God damn it. The first date I ever
go on after this messy ass break up and I see him. So
needless to say I just wanted to die. I didn't want to come
off as a bitch, so I went over and talked to him and his
friends. It was VERY awkward. So the mall begins to close
and I say good bye and get into Nikki's car.

So at this point I'm so upset/shocked that I am not up for
this date. I have a 1/2 hour left til seeing Sal. Nikki and
I decide to take a quick trip to Burger King and get a bite
to eat. On our way there we see two white cars filled with
guys.......now ladies in this situation what do you do??
Beep and wave of course! So we did just that.

Now at the stop sign they pull up next to us and get out of
the car. I was nervous, they looked like tuhgs. Sweat
pants, wife beaters, and bandanas aren't promising. So I
lock my door like a paranoid schizo that I am.haha

They come and are talkign to Nikki and myself a mile a
minute and I just wanted to GO GO GO. But of course Nikki
said she couldn't just DO that. (I didn't see why not. I
mean we don't know them) Well all of the sudden the other
white car parks behind us and MORE guys run up. This brings
us to a grand total of 7 males. Exciting and nerve racking

One caught my attention, he kept apologizing for the
stupidity of his friends. We exchanged names (his was Joe)
and then he came to my side of the car to get my number.
After we proceeded to Burger King for a more one and on

All of us sat down in various seats, Nikki was being
interrogated by the rest of Joe's friends while I talked to
him about alot of things. He was a freshman in college
Majoring in Architecture. I told him I was thinking of
being a Lawyer or a writer. He was intrigued.

We left as quickly as we came and I was 15 minutes late for
my date. I referred to it as being incondiserate, Nikki
says fashionable.