Pure Belligerence
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2001-05-30 21:41:57 (UTC)

*Im infected*

Hmm lets see.... this is what iv done since i got home....
went to my doctors appointment (i do have an ear infection
but she said it might be ok for me to fly but shes not
gaurenteeing i wont get a perferation) she said most people
who have an ear infection at the stage mine is at fly
anyway. I guess that im just one big infectee. Then i
went to go pick up my contacts.... now i wear the same
perscription in both eyes.... good i dont have to keep
track of left and right. And theeeeeen i went to drop off
my bird at alicias house. I have my chorus contcert
tonight at 7:00 and jennas gonna give me my sping fest
shirt there because hey, if im going on vacation and cant
go to sping fest i might as well have a shirt from it
right?? yep!