ahoy hoy
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2002-04-26 00:14:32 (UTC)

SAW dinner ohhhh fun(not)

hmm good food scary people, yeah one scary person named
EBONY......,hahahahahhaha ok food was not good it was unflavorful
chinese food not good ebony was a punkas ususal but it was funny.

Ok here we go… so I was supposed to go to this festival in the town
that my friend Mary lives, I said I was going to go then we all
decided that we weren’t because we all are hella busy., then I felt
bad and I changed my mind and know I rethought everything, , I have
so much work do I have to type 3 papers there al due on Monday. One
is 5 pages long, another is 3 pages and the other is also 3. Ahhh
yeah and I know that if I go am not going to get anything done and am
going to have to do it all on Sunday and that’s not going to
happen. I know its not. So I have to tell her tomorrow that I once
again changed my mind. I’ll just stay in campus and do my work.
And take small TV breaks oh find sources so I can actually write my
papers. Yeah that would be nice hmm that sucks am going to be
spending my Friday in the library, yippe great fun ( not)

Hmm well anyways, yeah and then I have to hella study I need to ace
my psychopathology class, I just have to I have a point to prove to
myself so am going to be stuffing like a mad woman on Tuesday and
Wednesday for that test ( final) on Thursday.

Oh my god the baby that I baby-sit is turning into a little hellion
she is so bad all she does is cry now. She used to be so sweet and
never cried. Al she did was sleep. It was nice, but these past
few days she has changed she gets hella cranky, and she will cry for
like 12 minutes non stop, the only good thing is that I finally get
her to calm down she fall asleep,, I think she gets cranky because
she is just so tired that her head probably hurts or something she is
also teething so that probably is adding to her bad disposition. But
I love that little baby.

She makes me want to have one. Its so nice to have a baby fall
asleep on you’re chest, I was so embarrassing one day her mother
came and she found me and the baby asleep, she thought it was the
cutest thing, well anyways, ahh I have to wake up early because am
babysitting her this Friday( tomorrow) at 9:30 am so that mean I
have to wake up at 9 , oh well she pays good for babysitting 10 bucks
an hour is better than I got as a receptionist.

I want to get a pug, am getting a El Camino, like the one brad pitt
had in The Mexican, so I can drive with my little black pug. We
will look soooo cute.


tata ^_^